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Many Thanks to this great Organization.
We had a walk in freezer go down. One that is Vital to the Food bank. Cost to replace and Repair was far more than we could afford. The wonderful people at the Overgaard Ponderosa Lions Club came together and made a very sizable donation which allowed this to get done. We cannot thank you enough.

Arizona Game and Fish Pinetop Region

February 12 at 3:08 PM ·

Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Pinetop Region Donates 1,650 Pounds of Game Meat


Pinetop Regional Wildlife Managers have been busy this past year collecting game meat for food bank donations. As of this week, the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Pinetop Region, has donated approximately 1,650 pounds of seized game meat. Just this week, the Region donated 135 pounds of elk meat to Bread of Life Mission in Holbrook, 132 pounds of elk meat to Shepherds Kitchen in Snowflake and 80 pounds of elk meat to the Love Kitchen in Pinetop.

The game meat donations provide meals for local families in the surrounding areas. The majority of game meat collected by Wildlife Managers come through seizures of unlawfully taken animals and self-reported violations. By law, when someone self-reports a hunting violation, the department cannot allow that person to keep the animal.

“The food banks in Navajo and Apache Counties are a great resource for us because we want the meat to go to a good cause,” says Justin Winter, Unit 4B Wildlife Manager. Justin went on to say that “area Wildlife Managers will go the “extra mile” to make sure edible portions of seized animals do not go to waste. Game meat donations are a great way for us to give back to our local communities and help families in need every year.” The Arizona Game and Fish Department will continue efforts to help our local food banks and we greatly appreciate their partnership.


Pictured is Chuck McMaster, the manager of Shepherds Kitchen in Snowflake and Wildlife Manager Justin Winter


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We would like to say thank you now to the many donors with out whom we could not have grown and helped the many people that we have reached. And our heartfelt thanks and prayers to the many volunteers, with out whom our work load would've been too heavy to bear.

We Need Your Help

The amount of food distributed by Arizona Food Banks has increased by more than 40% from last year.
 We depend on the help and generous donations of the community. In this way we can continue to provide food and basic neccessities to people in need.
 We are governed by a Board of Directors. 
6 people from the local community, who work daily to ensure that the help and food 
will be available to the people who depend on the Food Bank/Pantry to suppliment their food supplies.

Our purpose for doing this is to try 
to ensure that no little child goes to bed hungry
because there is no money for food.

We want to try and make sure no-one 
has to decide whether to buy food or pay the rent.

We want to try to be sure that no-one
has to choose if they buy food,
or the medication they need.

With the help of good people like you
we can succeed. 
4 days a week, every week of the year, we provide food boxes to our clients. all clients can come in once each month to receive from the abundance that is donated to the Food Bank. 
All donated items are welcome and all are used in the food boxes.
Scout Troop 7708. working for the "Citizenship in the Community" Badge. These Young Men, Terry-Liam-Jacob-Connor-Michel-Teague-Logan and Colter. They collected this food plus much more to go toward feeding the needy in their community. They are going door to door to ask for your donations. We appreciate the fine men they are becoming. We applaud their efforts and hard work. 
Your purchases through helps to support the charity of your choice. Thank You
We are very fortunate to be the recipient of a generous $3,500 grant from this great company. They truly care about their communities and help the Local Charities.
Wonderful Company, doing great things for the benefit of this Community. We are very grateful.
White Mountain Community Freehold. Annual "Can Tree" Food drive. All this, Over 3000 items was collected and donated to this Food Bank. What a great Job. They are all such a great blessing to us and all the people of this community.
Look at the terrific job these wonderful young men did for the community at large. Working toward earning a Merit Badge. If you see them at your door or in your community please give them a Thank You and donate to the Food Bank if you can.